Hello? Hey? Hi, is this thing on?

*Knocks awkwardly on the microphone*

*Realizes the microphone is actually a can of this delicious Lychee soda pop I picked up in Little Tokyo*

Seriously, that thing is good. If you guys end up somewhere in Los Angeles, make sure you try and fit in a trip to Little Tokyo. They have the best candies and drinks and food and toys and… just go, it’ll be fun.

Is that how you start this? One of these ‘blogs’?” Should I be chatting on the snap instead? Gramming on the insta? Booking on the, ok the joke’s getting old. I actually have all of those, if you want to follow me at ***commercial noises fill the airway as I go on with a shameless plug***

Ok, so now that the official introductions are over, how are you? I can do that right? Ask you a question? I’m sure you can comment somewhere down below, I think? We’ll find out! Anyways, how are you? I’m doing well (I’m going to assume you say you’re good and ask how I’m doing), I’m just working on my first blog post. You know, introducing Max to the world. Crazy, I know.

Should I fill out one of those old-school Myspace questionnaire type things? That’ll be a throwback. Oh man, Myspace. Don’t you miss that place? With their list of top eight (I think?) friends and you knew when people didn’t put you as first you felt some type of way. Like, alright, I see you, I’m number eight? I’m barely even on your page. What kind of shit friendship is this?

Life was fucking rough back then.

Anyway, I’m thinking this blog is going to be a stream of consciousness that’ll maybe turn into something more structured? Who knows, I can’t make any promises.

OH! I almost forgot. I have a new book out 😉 Check out FIRE FLOW on Amazon if you’re into hot sexy firemen along with some dannngeerrr.

Ok, I’ll see myself out.

See ya,


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