The Guardian Series

A heart-pounding series following men who fall in love with the ones they protect.

This complete collection includes all four of the best selling books in The Guardian series. These four books follow the interconnected lives of men who act as protectors and the men that fall in love with them.
COVER ME- Tristan Cole made a mistake by falling for his best friend, Adrian Hawk, all those years ago. Their friendship disintegrated after Tristan made a drunken move on Adrian. Now, the both of them are working as FBI agents positioned across the country from each other. But when they find themselves working on the same case after years of not speaking, they end up having to face their pasts head-on while also hunting down an infamous drug kingpin before he sets off a devastating terror plot.

FIRST DOWN- Sean Drake is a star college football player still deep in the closet. With an increasingly crazy stalker seemingly around every corner, his coach decides a bodyguard would be a smart investment. In comes Connor Hawk, a man who resigned himself to living a lonely life dedicated to his work. When Connor and Sean meet, their chemistry is undeniable. Now, both men must come to terms with feelings they thought they were never destined to have. Can their budding relationship survive the worsening advances from the stalker or will they both not even make it to first down?

EAGLE GRIP- Isaac Hawk’s life wasn’t going as planned. He looked for a change and ended up accepting a job as security for the American gymnastics team. That meant he was traveling to Rome for the Olympics. He knew he would cross paths with his ex, Diego Cruz, but he didn’t realize what that meant. Neither did Diego, who was taken off guard by their chance encounter. Both men will need to deal with their emotions while an old flame of Diego’s threatens to throw them both off the balance beams and into their graves.

FIRE FLOW Sexy firefighter, Colton Drake, has everything going for him, so why was he having such a terrible time finding someone to spend his life with? Cue Mason Bleu, a fire investigator who gets transferred to Colton’s station. They immediately connect on a level that rocks the both of them. The men must handle the fiery passion that promises to consume the both of them, all while a serial arsonist spreads fear throughout the community. Can they make it through the fire or will they be turned to ashes?